Policies and Procedures:

Sportsland is proud to be the areas largest provider of custom fit, custom painted and custom designed truck covers and accessories. We provide installation for most accessories but also provide the option of cash & carry sales for customers who wish to perform his/her own installation. In addition to cash sales we accept M/C, Visa and Discover for your convenience.

Because our products are manufactured to your specifications and are truck-specific in application, we at Sportsland will take great care to get every detail correct when taking your unique order. This will ensure that your purchase is exactly as requested when delivered and will be made custom, specifically for your vehicle. Because of the customized nature of our products, a non-refundable deposit will be required at the time the order is placed.

As a custom accessory shop, Sportsland will assist you in choosing products that will satisfy your style and fit your specific vehicle. We use a “Real-Time” ordering system which means that your orders/purchases are processed and inventory replaced the moment we receive your payment. This results in low prices and quick delivery on your order. For this reason all sales are final and requests for refunds are not allowed.

Sportsland represents only the finest manufacturers of custom covers and accessories. All products are covered by the manufacturer’s full warranty and Sportsland will always be there should you ever need assistance with a warranty issue.


At Sportsland, our goal is to provide the best service possible. We do this by assisting our customers in their purchase of automotive aftermarket accessories. Our customers choose the brands, styles and quality they prefer from hundreds of manufacturer’s and from a wide range of prices to fit any budget. At Sportsland the customer always makes the final choice!

Sportsland is a very unique store in that we provide both generic merchandise, application specific merchandise and custom merchandise. Sportsland also offers new merchandise, used merchandise, clearance merchandise and factory seconds. This merchandise can be purchased “cash and carry”. The customer may request that the merchandise be shipped to a specific location. Or, the customer may request to have the merchandise installed by a Sportsland technician.

  1. The customer will always choose the merchandise they prefer and be responsible for their choice.
  2. Sportsland will always be there to assist in the process and will be responsible to order, receive, ship or install the merchandise that the customer has chosen as evidenced by the receipt.


In store credits are given in lieu of cash refunds for all qualifying returns. Cash refunds are not given. This is a very fair policy designed to allow our customers to receive the value of a purchase they have chosen to make but, for some reason later regret their choice. In this way, Sportsland will absorb the entire cost of the return while allowing the customer to suffer no financial loss.


Sportsland has a very liberal and fair return policy with only the basic restrictions to protect our customers and our ability to offer the lowest pricing possible.

What may be returned for a full purchase value in store credit? All merchandise meeting the each of the following REQUIREMENTS may be returned for an in store credit in the amount of the merchandise purchased:

  1. All merchandise purchased at full price and as “new” (discounted, clearance, as-is merchandise does not qualify.
  2. All merchandise purchased from stock inventory (merchandise ordered and shipped in from a supplier does not qualify).
  3. All merchandise that is un-opened and in the original, un-damaged package (opened merchandise does not qualify).
  4. All merchandise that is accompanied by the “paid” sales receipt (without a paid receipt, merchandise may not be returned).
  5. All merchandise returned within 10 calendar days of purchase (after 10 days, merchandise may not be returned).

What may be returned for an in store credit for 50% of the purchase price?

  1. Merchandise shipped in from a supplier or warehouse at the customers request may be returned in the original, un-opened, un-damaged package with the paid receipt for an in store credit for 50% of the purchases value. The customer will not be charged any additional fees for return shipping, manufacturer restocking, etc.

What may not be returned for an in store credit of any value?

  1. Merchandise sold at discount, clearance, sold as-is or represented as non-returnable or non-refundable may not be returned.
  2. Merchandise that has been opened.
  3. Merchandise that as been installed.
  4. Merchandise with a paid receipt date older than 10 calendar days.
  5. Merchandise without a paid receipt.


Sportsland will assist our customers in any way possible in exercising their warranty rights with the manufacturer that they have chosen. We can assist in requesting warranty evaluations, obtaining return authorizations, determining proper return or replacement procedures, etc.

While it is the manufacturer who provides the warranty, Sportsland will help you to process any warranty claim that you feel is justified. However, Sportsland cannot represent or implement the terms of any manufacturer’s warranty without the permission of the manufacturer. Any costs not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be the responsibility of the customer.

All requests for Installation constitute permission to modify or alter the vehicle or merchandise as deemed necessary by Sportsland.

No cover will keep all the elements out of the bed of a vehicle. Pickup truck bed covers do not make the truck bed water tight.

All accessories added to a vehicle will alter the vehicles performance. Expect changes in ride, appearance, re-sale value, noise level, fuel mileage and other areas in unforeseeable ways that may or may not appeal to you.

The customer’s responsibility is to inspect & maintain installed merchandise: Keep bolts tight, get an alignment after suspension work, replace broken or defective parts, check all wiring, verify safety of towing equipment, lubricate working parts, etc.

All installations will be provided at a cost to the customer. This cost will be determined at the time of the installation and will be quoted separately from the price of the merchandise purchased. If you are uncertain of what your installation fee will be, please ask.

These policies and explanations supersede any misunderstanding in verbal communications that may occur between any Sportsland employee and customer and will be the agreed upon criteria by which all disputes will be resolved.

Sportsland is a proud, authorized dealer of these brands of fine truck accessories.